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The six qualities every fitness program needs

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

By no means does this article cover *every* quality a fitness program should have, but we wanted to outline some of our 6 favorites that are often missing from most workout routines!

A proper warm-up:

A 5 minute jog might get your body temperature up a bit, but its not the same as a proper warm-up consisting of a couple of mobility drills that will actually prepare your body for movement and help to prevent injury.

Single leg movements

Regular squats and deadlifts are great, but if you want to follow a balanced program that irons out imbalances and helps get you to get stronger, you also need to incorporate unilateral movements as well like lunges, single leg squats, step ups, single leg deadlifts, etc.

Multi-planar exercises

The vast majority of exercises done in the gym are in what's called the sagittal plane - just straight forward and back. But, everyday life requires that you become proficient in all planes of motion. That's why it's important to also include movements like lateral lunges, lateral shuffles, crossover step ups, and Turkish Get Ups to your training!


No, not just abs! We all love a good ab burn and ab work is great. But make sure you are also incorporating stabilizing movements like deadbugs, planks, side planks, and anti rotation moves will help strengthen your core in a more balanced way and can help to stave off lower back sensitivity.

Balancing pulling with pushing

Rows, bar hangs, reverse flyes, are some of the many pulling moves that will make sure you balance out your pushing exercises with pulling exercises. That can help with your postural muscles, & help protect your shoulders from overuse injuries.

Modifications, modifications, modifications!

A fitness program should offer options or modifications - either progressions or regressions of the movements. For an exercise to be effective, it HAS to appropriately challenge you! You should be able to meet yourself where you're at.

If you're still here, thanks for tuning in!

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