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No matter where you are in your fitness journey, our classes will elevate your mood, and help you REach higher.



REal fit. REbound. REform. REdefine. StREtch.


Womens classes, mens classes, girls trampoline & gymnastics/flexibility programs, boys trampoline and fitness programs.



Level up your fitness and discover your strongest self! It’s cardio, it’s strength, it’s high intensity intervals, it’s functional, it’s fun! Kettlebells, trx, plyo boxes, slam balls, sprints, bearwalks, and more!! Leave each class feeling strong, accomplished, and ALIVE!!


RE:al Fit Foundations

Sometimes taking it back to basics and foundations, is exactly what we may need. Whether you’re brand new to fitness, or a regular who just need to recalibrate with your intention, Real fit foundations is our simplified and most basic version of REal fit - our total body functional strength and conditioning program.


RE:bound + BarRE

Sweat and have a blast in our REbound + barRE combo class that brings together high adrenaline, low impact trampoline rebounding, and barre inspired moves. The tone is set to upbeat, fun music as you work through  cardio rebound sequences that will challenge your mind and body, activate your lymphatic system, with intervals of toning & strengthening. Leave class all smiled up!



REform unites the benefits of pilates, & functional fitness, using the Corefirst Trainer.  Have fun and get increased muscle engagement benefits for a challenging workout that will rock you to your core and more! It’s next level pilates



Challenge both your body and mind with a combination of pilates, yoga, flexibility and active stretch methods utilizing props. Not your average pilates mat nor yoga class. Build core strength, posterior chain strength, glute strength, and deepen shoulder, spinal and hip mobility to support an injury free and balanced body.


StRE:tch / All Level

An all level Stretch class to help you open up what's tight and strengthen what's weak. Sufficient mobility and flexibility are such important factors for longevity and success in your workouts, as well as maintaining healthy joints and preventing all the aches and pains that comes from tightness weakness.


StRE:tch & Skills (Interm/Adv)

Upgrade your flexibility and discover new ranges of movement you never knew you had! This class is for the intermediate/advanced flexibility practitioner. In addition, you will get to learn some cool tricks and flexibility skills.



An amazing yoga like class experience designed to restore your inner balance and vital energy. Reinvigorating yet relaxing at the same time. Breathe and recharge!

kangoo 2_edited_edited.jpg

Kangoo PowER

Kangoo powER delivers the best cardio dance fitness class. With contagious energy, using low-impact jump boots, you bounce, sweat smile, and get a high intensity, super fun and sweaty experience! 


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RE:boot Mens

A fitness program designed for men to improve functional performance, reboot their fitness, and get strong! Kettlebels, trx, bodyweight movements, & conditioning work, to help you build a stronger & more functionally fit physique.


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Kids Active RE:bound

We have boys classes & girls classes.


Rebounding Kangoo and Trampoline classes for kids and teens is a great way to burn off energy, have a blast, while strengthening the stability and core. This Kids RE:bound class also blends in elements of fitness for a complete fun and effective youth friendly fitness experience.


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Kids Active Flexibility/Gymnastics

Flexibility & gymnastics helps children build a range of motor and coordination skills, and assists in developing a good sense of body awareness. Kids learn to backbend, split, cartwheel, and tumble in various ways. Self confidence, & awesome physical and mental benefits are gained, all while having fun.

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