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Exhale perfection, inhale progress

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

How much time have you wasted waiting to start a new something until you’re 100% sure that you are ready and or going to succeed?

How much time have you wasted waiting to start a new journey until you’re 100% certain that you are ready and going to succeed?

Has your fear of not being good or “good enough” at something ever held you back from even trying? At Breindy Active, we believe the best time to begin was yesterday, and the next best time is now. Our classes, are created specifically for you. It’s the hesitancy to just dive in, despite fear, that robs you of so many opportunities for learning and growth. So let’s strive for progress, not perfection.

If you’re waiting to start training with us until you’re ready or perfect, you’ll probably be waiting forever, because first thing’s first: No one is perfect. Yes, not even us, your trainers, are perfect, and you may even notice us mess up, or stumble.

Perfectionism is not your friend!

It’s slowing you down. All of the extra energy poured into trying to be perfect will lead to quicker feelings of “burn-out.” Its decreasing the joy that movement naturally brings. It causes working out to feel more like a chore, likely leading you to quit sooner. It causes increasing feelings of self-criticism/negative self-talk. Its hindering growth due to the vague and broad nature of the goal “be better.” You’ll feel stuck, and unmotivated.

How about you flip your mentality and focus on progress instead?

Expect continued and sustained motivation. No, your journey is not supposed to be the same as anyone else’s. Growth is a multilane highway with a multitude of direction changes. Not just one straight, continuous path.

You will notice recognizable growth. You will notice improvement. Whether you were able to swing a heavier kettlebel with proper technique, managed to box jump with more confidence, or you powered through all the sprints and dropdowns programmed in class. You will more likely be able to celebrate your wins.

You will experience more joy! working out knowing that mistakes are encouraged will allow you to breathe deeper and let go. You will begin to cultivate gratitude for your body and mind and spirit in ways you previously hadn't discovered.

Movement is supposed to feel good.

Let it. Life is fluid, your mood will vary, your physical state will change. All of these factors and more will affect what you put in and take away from your workout.

Always remember the power of repetition.

Everyone gets better at what they do a lot. So allow yourself to just be, and with practice you too will progress!

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